Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring transformation to people, families and society through life changing experiences, seminars and loving support.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see every family strengthened and equipped to succeed in an ever-changing world. We want to see you find your family true identity and destiny through the blessing and support of a loving father, mother, grandparents and community. Our focus is to reach your families and their children with life changing experiences that empowers them to fulfill their destinies.

Our Dream

We Have a Dream that marriages are strengthened and families made stronger. That every person will know their true identity as sons and daughters so that they can fulfill their dreams and destinies. We believe that the children of today’s families will become the strong leaders of tomorrow. It is our goal that the Family Dream Institute will be available online throughout Canada so people can find tools to strengthen their marriages and resources to raise their children to follow the ways of the Father!